Branston potato supplier


Samworth Brothers is always looking for ways to reduce food waste and we have teamed up with potato supplier, Branston, so that even the “wonkiest” of potatoes can be used in our ready-made cottage pie.

Visually imperfect but entirely edible potatoes that are difficult to peel are generally discarded, as the peeling machines can’t handle them. To overcome this issue, Branston has opened a new £5 million prepared factory extension. The expansion includes two new batch peeling lines that can peel even the strangest of potato shapes. It is now one of the largest peeling and processing facilities in the UK.  

Sophie Wilkins, Sales Director, said “It made sense for us to try and work together so that we could actually use the crop that isn’t good enough to go into the produce area. They don’t need to be beautiful for us to peel them and make into mash.

“It’s also important for customers to know that their cottage pie, for example, is always going to be the same price and you can only achieve that when you’ve got consistency of supply, quality, and price."
Branston potato supplier