Walkers Sausage Co

Around 190 years ago a small butcher’s shop called Walkers opened in Leicester city centre. At Walkers Sausage Co we are one of a number of Samworth Brothers Group companies that can trace our heritage back to that shop opening nearly two centuries ago.

About Walkers Sausage Co

Walkers Sausage Co was established in 2013 due to strong growth and success in the Sausage sector.

Previously Walkers Sausage Co was part of Walkers Midshire Foods, established in 1996 following Samworth Brothers acquisition of Walkers some 10 years earlier.

Still based in Leicester, the business has the very highest technical safety standards with a Tesco Product Integrity Unit Blue rating and a British Retail Consortium Grade ‘A’ accreditation.


At Walkers Sausage Co we are constantly striving for ways to improve our business.  This passion for innovation is evident in all that we do. Every team member across our business is focused on product.
We will develop around 80 new products every year for our customers. To develop these innovative products our skilled chef team uses restaurant research, we travel, we attend key food exhibitions and we listen to our workforce.
We buy 900km worth of natural sheep casings per week, that’s 29,000 miles worth of casings per year, we produce enough sausage in one year to wrap around the world.
We support our customer’s agenda for fantastic products from our state of the art Innovation Centre where we can develop and showcase some of the fantastic products showing flavours of the world. But, additionally, we just ensure that our traditional pork premium pork sausages are simply the best.

Due to the premium nature of our business a high percentage of our pork is outdoor bred using meat from quality assured farms that have met the very highest standards of animal welfare.

Our business

Walkers Sausage Co is an award-winning premium sausage manufacturer, supplying the retail sector with both pre-packed and deli counter sausages. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our employees, customers and staff. Every day we make sausages in natural casings following traditional craft butchery methods almost as if you had made the product at home to deliver the highest quality products. In addition to a range of seasonal premium sausages, burgers and authentic meatballs we produce a broad range of fantastic Christmas products including premium stuffings and stunning party food.

Our people

Our long serving and loyal team members enable us to deliver product quality and service excellence. Over 75% of our people have been with us over five years and up to 20 years in some cases. It is these years of skill which enable us to deliver a truly authentic, premium quality sausage. We train and develop all of our people to ensure this skill remains full and up to date. People development and engagement are at the heart of our business.

Community & environment

With Walkers Deli alongside us, we are actively involved in our local community, supporting literacy and interview technique programs in local schools. We also champion fundraising activities for local charitable organisations, including Rainbows Hospice for Children in Loughborough, Macmillan Nurses and the Loros Hospice. We have diverted all waste from landfill since 2010 and are continuously working towards new technologies and ways of handling our waste streams.