Sandwiches & Salads

We produce a comprehensive range of sandwiches, bagels, wraps, paninis and ciabatta with a huge variety of different fillings, plus a range of prepared salads.

We have been making quality sandwiches at our purpose built sites Bradgate Bakery and Melton Foods for nearly 20 years.

What started as a simple sandwich has developed into the production of bagels, wraps, ciabatta and a huge variety of breads and fillings, to meet the changing tastes, seasons and demands of our consumers. Every day we take sandwiches off the production line and test them for compliance with specification, taste and look.

Our teams of development chefs are constantly working on bringing innovation and freshness to our range of sandwiches and salads.

Sandwiches & Salads

The BLT is one of the UK’s most favourite sandwiches.

Smoked bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and mayonnaise make it delicious to eat at any time of day.


The journey starts with the raw materials such as the tasty bacon. Our bacon comes from UK pigs. We have teams of people who are constantly on the road finding quality suppliers and auditing them on a continuous basis to make sure they comply with our very strict guidelines.


We source our lettuce leaves from different suppliers and growers depending on the time of year. They come from Spain between October and mid-May and from the UK from mid-May to October. To ensure the maximum freshness we prepare our lettuce in house.


Also essential to a great BLT are tasty tomatoes. Ours come from Spain. Working with industry experts, we use a special colour chart to ensure we are getting the correct ripeness and firmness - if they are too soft they will not slice well. Size is also vital: we use tomatoes that are 47mm to 57mm in diameter.


We always use the freshest bread to make our sandwiches and regular deliveries ensure this is maintained. The choice of bread we use is dependent on the sandwich filling and on the customer: with our BLTs we use malted, white, granary, wholemeal or seeded.