Site Environmental Improvement Kettleby Foods

We produce premium quality chilled foods, both own label and brand, which we are always proud to serve at home.

Based at Melton Mowbray, Kettleby Foods produces high quality chilled ready meals, supplying major retail and branded customers.

Starting in 1999 with a range of potato topped pies, over the years we have built an enviable reputation for producing to the highest quality and in an efficient manner using the latest technology. Our diverse range of products now exceeds 120 using the finest ingredients sourced locally where possible. 

The Challenge

Our team at Kettleby is dedicated to improving site environmental performance and where possible reducing the impact on the environment. In 2011 this commitment was rewarded with the achievement of the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems, ISO 14001.

Since then the team has set a number of reduction targets around utilities and waste from the production facility. In 2011 the purchasing team decided to look at developing an approach to move the packaging waste, coming onto site from suppliers, up the waste hierarchy. Using the '3 R's' principle, reduce, reuse and recycle.
Introduction 78,158kg cardboard packaging avoided

How the challenge was overcome

The team identified the greatest opportunity for reduction would come from preventing the waste from arriving on site in the first place and spent time reviewing the following:
  • How ingredients were being delivered into site
  • The size of containers being used
  • The type of materials being used to transport the goods
  • The excess packaging being sent with the goods
The assessment led to three key areas of opportunity where savings could be achieved: 
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Road miles
The Challenge 5,615kg plastic packaging avoided