Zero waste to landfill for Samworth Brothers’ bakeries

Samworth Brothers Ltd operates nine food bakeries and one distribution centre in the Leicester and Melton region.

In common with all food and drink businesses, waste management was proving a challenge - in particular, finding the right disposal routes, implementing robust processes on site and engaging with the right waste contractor.

So, in 1998, Samworth Brothers in Leicester and Melton entered into a partnership agreement with the local waste contractor, P. H. Hull & Sons Ltd. This was the starting point on the Samworth Brothers’ journey to move towards zero waste to landfill for its Leicester and Melton businesses.

The challenge

We worked closely with P. H. Hull & Sons Ltd who advised all the sites on how to set up segregation of waste streams, which materials would bring revenue back to the business and which waste containers would prove more cost effective. Segregation for packaging materials and wooden pallets was introduced on all sites. Food wastes were then separated into dedicated compactors and cooking oils were segregated for collection. P. H. Hull & Sons Ltd started to develop disposal routes for all waste streams, including recycling, animal feed, energy and rendering for pet food.

Zero waste to landfill for Samworth Brothers’ bakeries 129,000 tonnes diverted from landfill

How the challenge was overcome

The key result over the 16 year partnership came in May 2010 when Samworth Brothers’ businesses in Leicester and Melton were successful in achieving zero waste to landfill.

Since 2010 the nine businesses in Leicester and Melton have been responsible for diverting around 129,000 tonnes of material from landfill.

The social benefits of the partnership include being able to support the growth of a local family run business: P. H. Hull & Sons have been able to add 14 full time jobs and invest in renewable technology to reduce its own carbon footprint.