A Family Business

Since 1896 we have been building a business whose values are deeply held - a commitment to people and communities, to quality and customer service, and to reinvestment in the business.

We are proud to be a family business.

George Samworth was a one man band trading livestock when he founded what is now known as Samworth Brothers. Successive generations of the family have adapted the business as the markets evolved, demonstrating the entrepreneurial flair, the willingness to try something new and the strength of purpose that is required for a business to survive and grow over more than one hundred years.

Samworth Brothers is now a fourth generation family business, and all our people work hard to make sure that our customers, staff and communities benefit from the strengths of a family business:
  • Investing for the long term
  • Promoting a strong, stable culture
  • Personal commitment to our business and our customers
  • Acting quickly, without bureaucracy
  • Taking risks without fearing the public price of failure
  • Having united, supportive shareholders
Samworth Brothers is a prominent member of the Institute for Family Business and the family’s vision is to continue to own and invest in the business for generations to come.
A Family   Business

Our People

Our people define us – loyalty and dedication contribute to the continuing success of the company. We also value their expertise - read about some of our specialists from around the Group who are experts in their particular field.

Our Quality

We describe our culture as being centred around People, Quality and Profit (PQP). For us, that means using the best ingredients in modern, well-invested sites and having great people who are committed to our customers.

Work for us

We offer a wide variety of employment opportunities across our 19 businesses and our staff enjoy good benefits. View our job listings to see our latest vacancies.