Sports Opportunity Fund

The Waterfront Sports and Education Academy in Leicester celebrates its Samworth Brothers Sports Opportunity Fund award with a presentation of a special memento from Trustees, Lisa Wainwright and Tim Barker (first and second left).


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The centre which provides youth and sporting facilities to a wide range of groups in the Belgrave area of Leicester received a grant of £53,600 from the Fund to complete building work and fund a much needed Centre Manager.  

Also pictured is Centre Manager Michael Burgess, (far right) and a young junior boxing club participant.  
The Fund also recently gave the Emerald Centre in Saffron Lane, Leicester an award of £7,000 to help improve youth football pitches.  Awards to staff nominated projects have also included grants to the Leicester Sharks Swimming Club, Asfordby Amateurs Football Club 
(women's and girls' football) and the Ely Valley Football Club. 

The Fund welcomes nominations of deserving clubs and projects from staff.  In particular the Fund finances projects in sports clubs that will allow a club grow the opportunities it can offer young people.
Sports Opportunity Fund