A Green View for Ashton Green

A bird's eye view of the new site's impressive solar panels


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A bird’s eye view of the solar panels on the roof of the newly opened Ashton Green bakery, part of the Bradgate Bakery business in Leicester. 

The picture was taken in the final stages of the bakery construction in late 2014.  The new bakery has strong environmental credentials with 22% of the site’s energy needs coming from renewable resources such as this 200kW solar array system on the roof of the building. The solar PV array covers 2,200m2, equivalent to the size of just over half a football pitch or eleven tennis courts. In addition an energy efficient water source heat pump that captures waste heat energy from the bakery’s refrigeration units also contributes to Ashton Green’s renewable energy total.  

Other energy saving measures at the bakery include LED lighting fitted to 100% of the internal building areas and high performance insulation in floors, walls and roof space. The site also has a sustainable drainage system (SUDs) with a feature pond that helps to manage surface water run-off and will create a nature area to encourage biodiversity. 
A Green View for Ashton Green