Allan Marsh, Samworth Brothers Supply Chain Driver named first ever Microlise Driver of the Year

Allan Marsh has been named the first ever Microlise Driver of the Year having beaten off competition from 90,000 other drivers in the UK.


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At a prestigious ceremony at the Microlise conference last week, he was also named the best driver in the long distance category.

Anonymous driving data recorded through Microlise technology and analysed by the University of Nottingham helped to create an initial shortlist of 15 drivers, five in each of the three categories – short, medium and long distance.  Manager questionnaires were then collected before the Road Haulage Association – a competition partner, reviewed these along with the anonymous data to produce a shortlist of drivers in each category, and to select the category and overall winners. 

In total four drivers from Samworth Brothers Supply Chain were among the last 50 drivers; Allan Marsh, Anthony Law, Paul Holohan and Wayne Laywood.  Both Allan and Anthony made it into the final 15, with Anthony a finalist in the medium distance and Allan in the long distance categories.

Commenting on his achievement, Allan said; "I am delighted to have won this award. Drivers don't often get recognition so it is good that this award is raising awareness of the importance of good driver skills.  We were very pleased at Samworth Brothers Supply Chain (SBSC) to have a number of drivers shortlisted for the awards.  

“I always knew we had a good team of drivers at SBSC but it is great to do so well in a national competition.  I couldn't have won my award without all the support of the excellent Samworth Brothers driver academy and my colleagues at SBSC.”

“The Microlise Driver of the Year Awards were designed to recognise the professionalism of drivers, and the contribution they make to the industry,” said Bob Harbey, Executive Director at Microlise.  “Allan scored very highly in terms of telematics data, and the manager questionnaire showed how highly he is valued at Samworth Brothers and what a superb job has does, day-in and day-out.”

The competition was held in conjunction with Microlise partners; the Road Haulage Association and The University of Nottingham, with MAN Truck and Bus UK sponsoring the awards.  
Allan Marsh, Samworth Brothers Supply Chain Driver named first ever Microlise Driver of the Year