Drilling for water

Ginsters celebrate completion of a year-long water project


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Ginsters environment team are celebrating the completion of a year-long project to extract water from a borehole adjacent to the site. The new borehole is proving to be a real asset as it is delivering between 18-20 tonnes of ground water every day for non-food processes at the bakery. “Installing our new borehole has already reaped significant environmental and costs benefits,” said Mark.

“As one of the largest industrial users of local reservoir water, it is great that 10% of our daily water now comes direct from the borehole rather than the mains water supply. This project focuses on substitution of mains water from processes that don’t require it, reducing our impact on South West Water. This also means that Ginsters can focus on improving water efficiency and driving reductions in total water consumption within the bakery, through the use of best available technologies.”

The drilling of the 65 metre hole behind the bakery came after a water audit and feasibility study was carried out. After water sampling by Westward Laboratories and the building of a small treatment and tank unit to process and store the water, the team were ready to connect this new water supply to the bakery cooling towers. Pictured left to right; Andy Grime, Andy Gundry and Mark Bartlett, the Ginsters borehole team.
Drilling for water