​Soreen Lunchbox Loaves get Mum Panel thumbs up

‘Back to school’ favourites gain 95% approval ratings


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Soreen Lunchbox Loaves, available in original malt and banana, are individually wrapped and offer a handy bar of fun to liven up the children’s lunchbox as they head back to school.
What’s more, they are now also Mum Panel1 approved with 95% of Mums  saying they are the perfect healthy snack for their kids. A new study by The Children’s Food Trust2 revealed many parents send their children to school with chocolate biscuits, crisps and sweet drinks that are high in sugar; often exceeding their recommended daily intake.
​Soreen Lunchbox Loaves get Mum Panel thumbs up
Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves offer a tasty alternative, bursting with energy and low in fat to help keep children fuelled throughout the afternoon. At only 95 calories each and less than 0.3g saturated fat, the delicious mini snacks offer a great source of fibre and meet the Government’s Nutritional Standards for Schools. An individually wrapped five pack is available from most major retailers.
Notes to editors
1.  Mum Panel: Tried Test and Approved Mark, August 2016
2. The Children’s Food Trust; Kantar provided data for 365.2million lunches eaten by 0-16 year-olds between February 2015 and February 2016