Jürgen Klopp takes home FA Cup win … oh and a giant Cornish pasty

Ginsters present Klopp with edible memorabilia


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Last week saw Liverpool take the 293-mile journey to Devon to face Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup third-round replay. Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp who didn’t know where Plymouth was on the map, was welcomed with a giant traditional Ginsters Cornish pasty. If a 1-0 win wasn’t enough he certainly won’t be forgetting his trip to the West Country anytime soon.

Managing Director Kieran Hemsworth presented Jürgen Klopp with his sizeable savoury snack in the press room after the match. The video of this giant pasty and Jürgen Klopp has gone viral and around the world something everyone at Ginsters didn’t expect. 

Jo Hartop Head of Communications for Ginsters said “We didn’t ever envisage a giant pasty would generate so much interest but it did! The Brand Team and the Development Chefs came up with the idea and asked me to generate publicity around it.  I had to take a few risks including wangling an invite to the media conference but it was worth it for the coverage we received.”

The huge Cornish pasty was made by Ginsters Head of Innovation, Graham Cornish with Development Chefs Toby Hill and Craig Blackborough assisting. Measuring a huge 68 cm’s by 32cm’s, it filled two buckets and took two and a half hours of slow baking. Graham Cornish said “The hardest part was getting the pasty off the baking sheet onto a wooden plinth and then into the box without breaking it! It was too heavy for the kitchen scales to weigh”.

We hope Jürgen and the team enjoyed the giant Cornish pasty on their travel back to Liverpool.
Jürgen Klopp takes home FA Cup win … oh and a giant Cornish pasty