New LED lighting at Bradgate Bakery

Bradgate Bakery is based in Leicester and produces sandwiches, prepared salads and other chilled foods.

Opened in June 1993 with just eleven recipes, the bakery now operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Continuous investment in skills and facilities has enabled the business to grow into one of the UK's largest sandwich manufacturers, with an enviable reputation for quality, consistency and innovation in a fast-moving market.

The older light fittings within the bakery were being replaced more frequently due to faults and overheating. So a policy was introduced to replace the old lights with more efficient lighting. The challenge was to develop a sound business case for swapping all the existing lights to LEDs, without causing disruption or reducing the light levels required to be safe. Other challenges included finding the time to undertake the works when the bakery operates 24 / 7. It was decided that the project would be completed in phases, to ensure the bakery disruption was kept to a minimum and monitoring and recording of the results from each phase could be collated for analysis.
New LED lighting at Bradgate Bakery

How the challenge was overcome

The in-house engineering team, working with the lighting contractors, set up a trial within the production hall where they confirmed the new lighting levels to be ample for the working environment. The power consumption for the LEDs was 0.074kw compared to 0.117kw for the older type, therefore providing a 37% reduction in energy consumption. In phase one, the team fitted 181 LED lights across high care, tray-up and dispatch. In phase two, a further 191 LED lights were installed across the remaining manufacturing areas, veg prep, the engineering workshop, stores, despatch corridor and all hygiene areas.
37% reduction in electricity