Steam boiler decommissioning at Tamar Foods

Tamar Foods is a large scale manufacturer of high quality fresh chilled foods, supplying major UK supermarkets.

We were established in 1999 and specialise in hot eating savoury pastry pies, savoury slices and pasties & rolls.

Situated in the Cornish town of Callington, we are located on the same site as another Samworth Brothers’ business, Ginsters.

Through collaboration and partnership working, both businesses have achieved the internationally recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001.

The challenge

Both Tamar Foods and Ginsters operated gas fired steam raising boilers to supply steam to the vat cooking rooms. As the boiler used by Tamar Foods was reaching the end of its usable life, investigations took place to see whether Ginsters had sufficient steam raising capacity within its existing two boilers to provide us with all our steam requirements. The objective was to reduce gas and water consumption and energy costs. Following a period of monitoring, measurement and testing, it appeared that Ginsters could supply 100% of Tamar Foods’ steam demand. This resulted in our decommissioning and removing our boiler, without having to replace it. Carbon savings equate to 695 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
Steam boiler decommissioning at Tamar Foods 21% reduction in gas usage

How the challenge was overcome.

As part of this project, all boilers were sub metered for gas and water consumption. This meant the business was able to measure usages and efficiencies before, during and after the initiative. Not only did this bring about significant savings associated with buying a new boiler and the associated servicing and maintenance costs, but we also achieved a 21% reduction in gas usage associated with steam generation. The initiative has also improved the relative measure of kWh/ tonne of product produced, reducing gas consumption by 93 kWh/1 tonne of product produced, based on 2013 production data.
Carbon savings equate to 695 tonnes of CO2 per annum