'Joined Samworth Brothers in November 2015, apprentice since November 2015.'

Why did you choose an apprenticeship with Samworth Brothers? What attracted you most?

I was aware of the Samworth Brothers brand, and after seeing the role on the company website it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss out on. What attracted me most was the knowledge that Samworth Brothers invest heavily into their people, with regards to training and support. This is something that has definitely been followed up on and has been maintained throughout my progression.

Tell us about the scheme that you enjoy?

There are many things that I could pin point about the scheme that I enjoy but the main thing has to be the job role itself. As an apprentice I was always worried about being left in the background a little but this has absolutely not been the case. I have been challenged on a daily basis and achieved things I didn’t think I could do. I have gained a wealth of knowledge around my role and also around the business in general.

What does a week look like for a Samworth Brothers apprentice?

A week in the life on a Samworth Brothers apprentice changes every single week, no week is exactly the same and that’s another aspect that I enjoy. I work as part of a fairly small, diverse finance team and we all face many different challenges on a weekly basis, from weekly reporting to month end madness! Time is always very critical in the week of a Samworth Brothers apprentice and every minute matters in the fast paced working environment. Also, as part of my apprenticeship scheme I get one day a week off the job training to study my accounting qualification, which has enabled me to gain industry recognised qualifications whilst earning money at the same time.

What advice would you give to anyone considering becoming an apprentice?

The one piece of advice I would give to anybody considering becoming an apprentice is to just go for it! It has been the best decision I have ever made and if I had to go back and make the same choice again, I would. It has been challenging and at times overwhelming but these challenges have developed me as a person and are something I will look back on later in my career and be thankful for.

Looking back on your time as an apprentice, what was the single biggest learning or highlight?

My single biggest highlight of being an apprentice is passing my Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 3 qualification and becoming a qualified bookkeeper.

Since being on the scheme how has your career progressed?

Since being on the scheme my career has progressed at quite a rapid rate, I have been surrounded by very supportive managers and directors who have pushed me and guided me to develop my career. I have recently been awarded a permanent contract and have been promoted to ‘Finance Trainee’, all within two years of starting my career at Samworth Brothers.