'Joined Samworth Brothers March 2002, apprentice since June 2013.'

Why did you choose an apprenticeship with Samworth Brothers? What attracted you most?

I had worked at Samworth Brothers for 10 years before I joined my apprenticeship scheme in 2013. As I had worked at Samworth Brothers for a while I already had a good understanding of how the business operated. Therefore opting to do my apprenticeship here felt like the most natural step.

I was nervous at first not knowing what I was getting myself in for, but it has been a fun and knowledgeable experience. I work with some great people at Walkers Deli who have helped me on my way to being a competent Engineer.

Tell us about the scheme that you enjoy?

I like the fact that you can study and work at the same time, which makes life a little easier, especially if you have dependants and other responsibilities.

What does a week look like for a Samworth Brothers apprentice?

At Walkers Deli, part of my job is to ensure the lines are running efficiently and attend machine problems with engineers, plus over time learning how to fix the machines myself. I am constantly learning about new machinery the bakery has, I really enjoy that part!

At home, I will try and squeeze as much time as I can for my college work but a lot of the time that can be hard, as I have a nine year old son.

You became an apprentice later in your career, what made you do this and would you recommend to others?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone willing to put in the effort but it’s worth it in the long run.