Our Food Stars

Food is our business and at Samworth Brothers we are proud to have an abundance of Food Stars, both in our brilliant people and our delicious products.

Meet some of our talented chefs, dedicated to exploring new food ideas and flavours, and hear about their taste busting creations.


Chicken Liver Parfait with Pink Peppercorn Butter

This smooth delicacy has been developed by Mark to bring the best of the Cognac region to our supermarkets. Rendering down pork fat, seasonings, spices and a drop of cognac provides the basis for the livers and cream. Cooked in a bain marie, the sprinkled peppercorns and butter add a final indulgence to this classic pate. Mark says: “The parfait works well with chargrilled baguette or crackers, watercress or micro herbs and a fruit chutney for some sweetness.”

Chicken Liver Parfait with Pink Peppercorn Butter

chef boutros chef boutros working


Pea Orzoto

A delight to the eye and the palate, Chris has perfected a risotto which showcases the skill of pulling beech wood smoked ham hock and combines with a vibrant pea shoot sauce.

Pea Orzo

Chef Morgan Chef Morgan working


Victorian Corset Pie

Its unique Victorian corset shape means this product is made solely by hand. Sandwiched in between two layers of cured pork there is an abundance of chicken fillets marinated with a plethora of seasonings and herbs. Ian says: “The combination of chicken and pork eats very well together and makes a lovely centre piece for any buffet. Chutney works but you can eat it on its own with a slice of cheese and a glass of red wine.”

Victorian Corset Pie

Chef Heircock Chef Heircock

Our Food Stars' Top Tips

Samworth Brothers talented chefs talk to us about home baking, lifting a dish by using the right herbs, and how to make a heavenly cheesecake.


Mark: Walkers Deli

Delicious Cold Meat

‘Maturation time for ham makes all the difference. Lovers of a stronger more punchy flavour can leave the ham to mature for a long time; I favour 15 days. If you prefer a milder flavour just reduce that time. For pate, avoid cooking at high temperatures and use a bain marie (a water bath). The perfect temperature is 105 degrees.’


Chris: Saladworks

The Right Herbs

‘Strong robust flavours such as rosemary, thyme and oregano should go in at the start of your cooking if you’re working with slow cooked meats, soups or sauces. Finish off dishes like salads, pastas and meat dishes with soft herbs like basil and parsley so you won’t damage their delicate flavour.’


Ian: Charnwood Bakery

Perfect Pork Pies

‘My favourite tip to enjoy the best pork pie is to get the temperature right. It should be around ten degrees; so make sure you take it out of the fridge around 50 minutes prior to eating and always use a serrated edge knife for slicing.’