Development Chef

How did you become an expert in food development?
I trained as a chef and began my career working at The Savoy under Anton Edelmann. After that, I worked in a number of different restaurants both in the UK and the south of France. I then became a chef in a private ski chalet and a holiday villa. From here, I decided my next career move was to be food development, and so have spent the past nine years as a development chef for Samworth Brothers.

What has been the most interesting product development project you have worked on?
Most recently it has been developing a new pie range for Marks & Spencer. This included working with our supplier of stock to create a new stock specifically for the new pies and also creating a brand new pie shape.

What interesting fact about developing new products can you tell us?
For every ten recipes we may launch, there are another 90 we have developed that never see the light of day.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
The development and launch of the first M&S gluten-free pies. This has been a huge learning curve into the complexities of the gluten free world, understanding how new gluten-free flours work in an industrial bakery environment and also delivering the excellence M&S expects from every new piece of new product development.