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We encourage a culture of opportunity and learning where our employees can gain skills and qualifications to achieve their full potential. Samworth Brothers’ culture is centered around its people and we are proud to have such a talented and committed workforce.

Discover how some of our people have progressed their careers with Samworth Brothers.


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I had always wanted to drive articulated LGVs (Large goods vehicles) but been prohibited from pursuing this dream because of the cost of training (typically in excess of £3,000).

When I saw the Samworth Brothers Supply Chain Academy advert offering the opportunity to train on the programme I jumped at the chance to apply.

Laura Farnsworth


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I knew that Samworth Brothers was a highly successful business within Leicestershire. After researching the company in more detail, I was pleasantly surprised by how large the company was, with 19 successful businesses. The potential opportunities I could have were endless and an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Wojciech Kalinowski


What do you like about working at Samworth Brothers?

Soreen was a brand I have grown up with. I still remember my mum bringing me Soreen when she used to pick me up from school. I have always enjoyed the family feel that the brand represents, that’s what interested me in joining the team as I wanted to be a part of it.

Stefan Urban


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I chose Samworth Brothers through an agency at the time as I didn’t have a full time job. Twenty five years later I would never have expected I would love it this much and still be continuing my Samworth Brothers journey.


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I chose Samworth Brothers because of the opportunities available at the time of joining. Alongside my day job as a Commercial Assistant, I also helped in the organisation of the 2015 Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge event, which was a great experience.

Hayley Worne


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers and Ginsters?

I had done a lot of research into graduate training schemes whilst I was making my move back home to the South West when I finished Uni. Having spent a short time at Ginsters as part of my degree, Samworth Brothers seemed like an obvious choice. Being part of a family business appealed to me.

Emma Chesbrough


Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

Being from Leicester, I was aware of Samworth Brothers and knew of the excellent reputation they have in the area. Upon reading more about the industrial placement scheme on the company website, I learnt that the placement was split into two six month placements in different Samworth Brothers sites in different departments which was something that excited me. Also, the reviews from previous students were all really positive and they were given jobs upon graduating so it felt as though it was a great scheme to apply for.


Would you recommend a career in food to someone just starting out in work?

It has been an excellent career for me. What the nation eats is always changing, with new and different trends. It is rewarding because you are always learning and developing.


What would be your advice to someone starting out in a career in food?

Work hard, ask questions, take the opportunity to learn about all the different functions and how they link together. It’s such an important industry, make sure you look after it.