Hayley: Kensey Foods

When did you join Samworth Brothers ?

I first joined the business in 2014 as a Commercial Assistant/PA to a Site Director. I then joined Kensey Foods in August 2016, joining the Category team as a Category Executive.

Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I chose Samworth Brothers because of the opportunities available at the time of joining. I have been given lots of opportunities. I was able to get involved in the organisation of the 2015 Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge alongside my day job as a Commercial Assistant which was a great experience.

What career progression opportunities do you have?

Within the three years of my time at Samworth Brothers, I have progressed from a Commercial Assistant to a Category Executive. I have now been given the opportunity to train as a Commercial Account Manager with my own accounts to manage. This is a great change in roles as it has furthered my insight into how the business is run and allows me to work with all different departments.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the variety of my role – one day I will in the office analysing sales performance and the next day I will be out of the office meeting with my customer to seek out any new food trends around London!

Hayley: Kensey Foods