Jayesh: Production Manager

How did you come to work at Samworth Brothers?

I worked for another food manufacturer and also gained a degree in business management along the way. I then joined Tamar Foods in Cornwall in 2006. I worked in the desserts section & then moved into the Pre bake area producing pies, sausage rolls and other savoury pastry products.

What do you do now?

Due to illness in the family I wanted to relocate back to the Midlands and was able to go to work for another Samworth Brothers business in Leicester called Saladworks. In 2008 I moved to Blueberry Foods helping to start up this new business. At that point I was an Area Manager but was then promoted to Production Manager.

Describe your job and your main responsibilities?

I now manage around 200 people across three shifts. Blueberry Foods is a desserts business, which is a very competitive and fast moving sector. As well as managing my team, I am involved in aspects such as the cost management of materials and ensuring we deliver the best service level we can to our customers.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy the fast paced nature of the business, the variety of products and, in particular, working with such a wide range and diverse set of people here at Blueberry. It’s great to get everyone really engaged & excited about the products.

Would you recommend a career in food to someone just starting out in work?

Yes, it has been an excellent career for me. It is a fast moving sector. What the nation eats is always changing, with new and different trends. It is rewarding because you are always learning and developing. Often you don’t realise how much that is happening, that you are learning all the time and there is always more to learn.

Jayesh: Production Manager