Sophie: Managing Director

How did you come to work at Samworth Brothers?

I was an engineering graduate and had no real idea of what to do as a career, I stumbled into the food industry as a result of a conversation at a careers fair, and just absolutely loved it from the moment I set foot in my first food business 25 years ago. I started out as a production supervisor and although qualifications got me the job, I had to develop my people management skills very quickly. I worked my way through the production function eventually into general management having experienced many different types of food manufacturing around the country.

I’ve worked in the food industry for 25 years and always known about Samworth Brothers and its great reputation so it was an easy decision to come and work here.

Since joining Samworth Brothers what has your career progression been?

I joined Samworth Brothers in 2014, with a few months spent in Cornwall working with a small team who gave me my first insight to the spirit of Samworth Brothers. I then moved to Melton Foods as Production Director where I had the opportunity to enjoy the challenges of a business in rapid growth. I became the Managing Director in 2015.

What is your job now? How many people are there at your business and what are your main responsibilities?

I am currently Managing Director at Melton Foods, there are around 1000 people working here through a week. I am responsible for all aspects of the business and therefore the performance of every function, of our compliance in many areas and for determining the strategy and future of Melton Foods.

What do you most enjoy about the job?

I have always loved the variety and immediacy of working in the chilled food industry. I love working with and in a team and I have been lucky enough to have been inspired by many amazing people in my career.

What would be your advice to someone starting out in a career in food?

Work hard, ask questions, take the opportunity to learn about all the different functions and how they link together. It’s such an important industry, make sure you look after it.

Sophie: Managing Director