Soreen Celebrates Eight Decades


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Soreen is celebrating its 80th birthday in 2018. Every single loaf made over the last 80 years has been produced in Manchester with 108 million units now consumed annually, firmly establishing Soreen as Britain’s number one Malt Loaf and a deep rooted British success story. The trademark yellow wrapper and mouth-watering consistency, has not just stood the test of time, it has never stopped moving with it.

Mark Simester, Managing Director at Soreen said: “During the past eight decades, Soreen has refined and expanded its customer profile to engage with the changing needs of the consumer, most recently with its entry into the kids snacking market with lunchbox loaves, as well as the on the go market with Malt Loaf Bars, the two latest product innovations to come from Soreen.

“Whilst to many amateur and professional athletes we have always been a source of energy and the perfect on the go snack, the brand is evolving to become a bigger player in this space.”

Celebrations will include a number of events at the Soreen bakery in Manchester, where many staff have been part of the Soreen journey for many years. Chris Caswell, Dispatch Operative at Soreen, who has worked at the bakery in Manchester since 1989, said: “I am grateful to Soreen for many things. Not least that I met my wife here 27 years ago and we’re still married. It doesn’t get better than that really! Being at Soreen is sort of like having a second family. I have created some very special and lasting memories here.”

Happy Birthday Soreen!