Meet our Honest Crust Food Ambassadors


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Meet Shane, Amy, Kay, and Alice – just some of the food ambassadors from across the UK recruited by our food-to-go brand Honest Crust to support its mission to make great food and raise awareness of food waste issues. 

Honest Crust offers a range of freshly made food-to-go products covering sandwiches, wraps, salads, toasties and paninis, as well as seasonal specials and limited editions. Matching consumer needs, the range includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, and 50% of the products are under 400 calories. Honest Crust is also first to market with sandwich and wrap boxes which are fully recyclable and use zero plastic.

Honest Crust is also partnered with Fareshare. One of the UK’s leading charities tackling food hunger, FareShare takes surplus food from the food industry and ensures it doesn’t go to waste by redistributing it to those in need.

Part of the role of Honest Crust food ambassadors is spreading the word about how to minimise food waste and championing other food issues.   Here are some of the latest food ambassador recruits.

Shane Jordan

Food waste, Recipes, and Eco-friendly news


Shane is a vegetarian chef, educator and author of Food Waste Philosophy. He creates imaginative meals using surplus ingredients, and works with local councils, schools, and charities to show that dealing with environmental issues can be an exciting (and delicious) experience.

Kay Murphy

Vegan, realistic eating for vegans


Kay is a vegan food blogger from Newcastle-under-Lyme, sharing simple vegan meals and accidental vegan finds. Kay brings the vegan lifestyle to life – showing people that you can still shop locally and share a meal with friends and family. She tells how veganism is more than just quinoa and salad.

Amy Seeks New Treats

Snack reviewer, sharing products


Amy is a food reviewer and self-confessed chocolate and peanut butter addict, specialising in honest snack reviews from the UK and her travels. With around 40,000 followers, she starts a lot of conversations.

Alice Wiggins

Gluten and dairy-free and helping and sharing Coeliac knowledge with others


Alice is a gluten and dairy free blogger living with Coeliac disease. She uses her blog and social media pages to share recipe ideas, eating out tips and knowledge with her thousands of followers. She is motivated by helping others who have been newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease understand the sometimes daunting and difficult food group.


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