Two initiatives from Honest Crust

Plastic-free packaging

Our Honest Crust Food-To-Go brand has partnered with packaging company Coveris to launch plastic-free packaging for its sandwiches and wraps. The packaging uses cellulose film instead of plastic and was created to improve resource efficiency and recyclability, and reduce food waste, in alignment with the UK Plastic Pact and the Courtauld 2025 targets, helping the UK achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 by 2030.

This plastic-free packaging provides the same presentation, protection and preservation benefits as its plastic counterpart. In fact, the cellulose film was designed with Freshlife technology which maintains freshness for longer and helps reduce food waste.

With Honest Crust, we are the first Food-To-Go business to ensure our sandwich and wrap box packaging is 100% recyclable and zero plastic.

Food waste management

All our food waste is positively reused for animal feed, pet food, biofuel or anaerobic digestion. And our surplus food is recovered and donated for redistribution to those who need it, through organisations like FareShare, Company Shop and Project ZHeroes.

In a recent school holiday project, Honest Crust donated 15,000 sandwiches to FareShare’s ActivATE campaign, which collects surplus food from the food manufacturing industry to support children who rely on free school meals. As well as helping to provide nutritious meals and snacks for approximately 50,000 children across the UK, Honest Crust aligned its social media with FareShare’s to promote the campaign, raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

Social media screenshot of ActiveAte campaign

Girl eating promo shot for ActiveAte campaign