Fourayes Apple Supplier

Fourayes is the largest fruit and commercial jam processor in the UK – all manufactured at its 100 acre orchard in Kent. It has been supplying Kensey Foods with Bramley apples since Samworth Brothers first opened the facility in 1997.

Phil Acock from Fourayes has been managing the account since day one, when fresh, sliced Bramley apple was the only product supplied. Today, the range has expanded to 11 products, including jam, mincemeat, apple puree and fruit fillings.

The relationship between Fourayes and Kensey Foods has developed significantly over the years. In addition to product innovation and development, Fourayes has made significant investment in order to improve shelf life, increase quality and reduce waste and costs. This has included developing a specific apple cut for Kensey Foods, investing in the latest processing machinery, improving planting and introducing automated pruning.

Apples are harvested in the autumn but are needed 12 months a year. Fourayes has developed an award-winning, highly sophisticated storage capability using ultra low oxygen which means the best quality, fresh Bramley apples are available to us all year round.

“Fourayes is always flexible to meet our needs and will fulfil any order changes at short notice. Sometimes during our promotions, there is a 300% increase in our demand and they are always able to meet this. The two companies have had a strong, trusting partnership spanning 17 years and we know each other’s businesses inside out.” – Jayne Stonehouse, Purchasing Manager, Kensey Foods

“We maintain a strong relationship with Kensey Foods, which includes working closely with their development chefs and their technical teams. We also host customer training seminars on our farm twice a year to share the procedure from orchard to processing and to help foster better relationships and understanding. Kensey Foods are a big supporter of these sessions and over 30 members of their staff – at all levels – have attended them.” – Phil Acock, Account Manager, Fourayes

Fourayes Apple Supplier