Heygates Limited

The family-owned flour miller, Heygates Limited, has been supplying flour to Walker & Son for over 20 years. Its Alpha Flour – developed especially for Walker & Son – is used in all our cold pie recipes and its special culinary flour goes into the shortcrust pastry of all our hot pies.We have to be sure there is never any variability in the standard of the flour we receive, so each delivery is fully tested before it leaves Heygates’ mill and comes with its own a certificate of assurance.

We require slightly different flour for our various ranges of pies and it’s the quality of the raw materials that Heygates supplies that gives our pies a real point of difference.

Not only can weather patterns affect the performance of flour but each harvest also provides new issues. All these need to be overcome in order to create the best possible flour for Walker & Sons’ products. So our team meets with the Heygates team every three weeks for product tastings to ensure the flour quality. In addition to that, Heygates’ chief chemist has quarterly meetings with our Continuous Improvements team to monitor how the flour is performing.

“We have a totally open and honest relationship with Heygates that’s based on trust and loyalty. Both teams work on a collaborative basis, sharing expertise and knowledge. What marks them apart as a supplier is they always focus on quality and they constantly adapt and react to the needs of Walker & Son.”
Sarah Jennings, Purchasing Manager, Walker & Son

“We are proud to have been a supplier to Walker & Sons for many years. This long relationship has enabled us to understand and respond quickly to their requests as we know how quality and consistency is so important to their business.”
Paul Heygates, Joint Managing Director, Heygates Limited