People Manager

Start date: September 2002
Location: Cornwall

“I joined Ginsters as a Personnel Administrator in 1995. I undertook this role for two years and then took a five-year break to have a family. I returned to Tamar Foods (another company within Samworth Brothers at that time) in the same role and was subsequently promoted to Adviser, then Personnel Officer. In 2016, I became People Manager for the site.

In early 2018, the bakeries within Ginsters and Tamar Foods merged to be renamed as The Cornwall Bakery. I became People Manager of the newly-merged entity where I manage a team of six.

In this role, I am involved in all manner of personnel issues, looking after a total of 860 colleagues within The Cornwall Bakery. These activities range from people policies and procedures to performance management, resourcing and contracts – as well as ensuring the business always operates within the latest employment legislation. Following the merger, another of my roles has been to focus on introducing a combined culture at The Cornwall Bakery and embedding the Samworth Brothers values.

For me, one of the best things about working for Samworth Brothers is that everyone is committed to making things happen, to ensure that the business is a success. Another is the support you are shown. For example, I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Samworth Brothers whilst I undertook further studies over a six-year period. I took a Foundation Degree in Business with HR Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management, and a Masters in Personnel & Development. Over the next 12 months I hope to become a chartered member of the CIPD.

The advice I would give someone who is thinking about joining is to make sure, through Performance Enhancement Plan meetings or through direct communication, that your manager is aware of your aspirations. Also, always keep in mind what you would like to achieve. Whilst you may feel stretched and challenged at times, remember that this is how you grow and develop into your future role.”

Alison Jeffery Outside The Cornwall Bakery