Who We Are Looking For

When we hire graduates, we’re looking for our future managers and leaders who will contribute to the ongoing success of the group. So we expect you to be able to demonstrate these five qualities:


You have what it takes to lead and inspire others, and to manage a team in a professional way, providing them with clear direction.

The ability to solve problems

You are able to identify what the issues are, define the problem and its root cause, make effective decisions and take the necessary action to resolve the issue.


You understand the importance of focusing on customer needs and delivering a high quality service for the continued profitability of the business.

Focused on results

You feel comfortable taking on responsibility for setting targets, monitoring your own performance and delivering on objectives.

A team player

You are a natural collaborator who can work cohesively with people from both inside and outside the organisation.If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you.

Who Are We Looking For