What made you decide to become an apprentice with Samworth Brothers?

I’d been working in the Samworth Brothers Supply Chain warehouse in Leicester for about nine years, both as a picker and a fork-lift truck loader but I’d always wanted to be an HGV driver. So when the opportunity came up to train to become one, I immediately took it.

What did the training include?

Over the year, it was 12 days of classroom training so, essentially, one day a month. I also spent five days down at Wiltshire Transport Training and Development (WTTL) for my Cat C driver training course, for vehicles up to 32 tonnes. Then there were a further eight days’ training with Samworth Brothers for the Cat C+E driving course for articulated lorries that allow anything that bends, up to 150 tonnes. The rest of the time, I continued with my usual job in the warehouse.

What kind of thing did you learn in the classroom lessons?

We had theory tests to study for – but it wasn’t all desk-based. For example, one day we had to learn about what it’s like to be a vulnerable road user when you are driving a lorry. So we all had to get out on the roads on our bikes to experience it first-hand.

What do you enjoy about your new role?

I spend my week travelling the length and breadth of the country, so each day takes me somewhere new and different. That’s what is great – no two weeks are ever the same.

As I said, becoming an HGV driver was always something I’d wanted to do and, thanks to Samworth Brothers’ Apprenticeship Scheme, I’ve now achieved that. Alan has been nominated as the 2018 ‘Apprentice of the Year’ by WTTL.