What is your job?

I am a Hygiene Senior Team Leader.

Which apprenticeship schemes have you been on?

First I took an Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing Excellence and completed that in 2016. AndI’ve just recently finished an Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Industry Skills & Technical Management which gave me Level 3 Proficiency in Food Management. As a result of this, I was promoted from a Team Leader to Senior Team Leader here at Bradgate Bakery.

What do you value about apprenticeships?

The fact that the company recognises potential and gives people who begin on the production line the opportunity to develop and progress.

How have your apprenticeships helped you?

Without the skills and qualifications I gained from them, I just wouldn’t be equipped to do the job I have today. It’s also given me all the confidence I need to stand up and give a presentation to my peers and bosses.

What kind of things did you learn?

On the second apprenticeship, for example, we learned what happens on site from a manager’s point of view. So I am now competent in how to budget, reduce costs, and how to run a department.

What was the highlight of your time as an apprentice?

The way our teacher presented the classroom sessions – she made the learning really enjoyable. There were 16 of us following the course and each one of us always looked forward to her lessons every week.