Which scheme are you on, and what does it involve?

I am undertaking a three year Engineering Apprenticeship. I attend City Plymouth College every Thursday where there is a mix of practical knowledge, such as electrical installations,

as well as classroom learning, from health and safety regulations to materials science. There’s also self-study work that I do in my own time. The remainder of the week I am on site in The Cornwall Bakery.

Did you start this straight from school?

No, I first started working for the company in 2001 as a temp. Then in 2005 I joined the business full time as an Operator in the packing department. Three years after that, I was chosen to train to become a Technical Operator which meant, when I qualified, I managed a small team responsible for maintaining machinery andfixing breakdowns. During my time as a Technical Operator,I was always interested in the engineering elements of the role. So last year I was seconded to the Engineering team for six months. I joined the team on a permanent basis and began my apprenticeship in September.

What qualification will you gain at the end of your year?

I will get a Higher Diploma Level 3 in Engineering.

How will your apprenticeship make a difference to you?

It’s already making a difference, as I am able to use the knowledge I learn at college in my everyday job. At the end of my course, I will be trained up both on the mechanical and electrical side of engineering which means I’ll be able to get much more hands-on with a whole range of issues – from fixing electrical circuitry to carrying out regular planned preventative maintenance.