When did you join Samworth Brothers?

I started at Bradgate Bakery around 10 years ago as a machine operator and, after

a few years, I became a Relief Team Leader. Since completing my apprenticeship last year, I have now been promoted to Team Leader.

Which programme did you do, and what kind of things did you learn?

I completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Industry Skill and Technical Management. This gave me Level 3 Proficiency in Food Management. One of the

key things I learned was the positive impact that good communications has – not just within the team but between departments. I also learned the importance of co-operation and of sharing information.A third important aspect was learning how to schedule and manage projects.

Why would you consider apprenticeships important?

They give people the opportunity to grow their skills and gain a valuable step up in their career.What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

If you can demonstrate that you want to learn and develop and that you also have the potential, then it’s an opportunity you should not pass up.