Learn from Lewis -2


Learn from Lewis – episode 2

With just five months to go it’s time for that serious Charity Challenge training to start.  Lewis Moses, former Team GB elite runner, running coach, Applied Sport Science honours graduate and MOVE charity fundraiser is a man who can help us. Over the next few months he is going to provide us some top coaching tips to help inspire and challenge you.

Last week Lewis outlined his own training regime which includes running 85 miles a week(!).  Here’s some more tips.

Staying motivated can be quite difficult, particularly on a February night.  How do you stay motivated and what tips can you give the teams on this ?

I believe having a BIG WHY is so important when you set yourself a goal. In my case I often know exactly why I want to achieve something, for example, I want to make a GB team because of how proud it makes me to pull on my nation’s vest. For something such as the Charity Challenge it might be as simple as thinking of the charity you are doing it for. Your involvement with that charity is special, you are competing for not only yourself but for them too. Raising money is amazing and will go a long way to helping those charities, but challenging yourself, pushing new boundaries and finding your own potential on the day is so important for your own motivation too. This would be my motivation and it would certainly help to get me out of the door on the dark cold mornings and nights.

Your wife Gemma launched MOVE charity after she battled with cancer and you are also involved as a fundraiser. What does MOVE do?

MOVE supports children and young people living with and beyond cancer helping them to MOVE more and sit less. We empower children and young people to take control back over their lives when quite simply, it’s been turned upside down. We do this through the form of physical activity and exercise, supporting children around the country with 1:1 physical activity programmes. Our three main aims as a charity are:

  1. To help and support children and young people living with and beyond cancer through the MOVE online virtual support programme.
  2. Raising awareness and educating people as well as health professionals on the importance of exercise and its relationship with cancer
  3. To continue to grow the 5k Your Way – MOVE Against Cancer initiative. This is a community based initiative to encourage those living with and beyond cancer, family, friends and those working in cancer services, to walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at a local 5k Your Way park run event on the last Saturday of every month.

Park runs are one great way for Charity Challengers to stay motivated. Also the Challenge run always involves quite a lot of ascent!  What is the secret to running up hills more quickly? We all need to know!

Well training on hills will certainly help, as hill training is a great method of strength training, so my first bit of advice would be to get out on the hills in training and practice. Secondly, I would say that it’s about using your energy wisely. Don’t use up all your energy running up the hill hard and then have nothing left to run off the hill. Lastly, think about your running form/technique when running uphill. Keep the hips high, drive your knees as well as your arms and don’t try to over stride. Shortening your stride uphill can often help you to power up.Thanks Lewis and we look forward to hearing more from you over the next few months.  If you have a question for Lewis get in touch with us via our Facebook page.