How will I know if my application is being progressed?

We ensure that all candidates are contacted about the outcome of their application, at every stage, regardless of what that outcome may be.

What is the Fact Find Call and how can I prepare for it?

The Fact Find call is a ten minute call to find out a little more about yourself, to confirm and clarify a few details from your CV to ensure that you meet the essential requirements for the role. This is our first point of contact with you after your application has been received and we would expect you to at least have some understanding of Samworth Brothers and the role that you have applied for.

What is the Telephone Interview and how can I prepare for it?

The Telephone Interview will ask you more questions regarding the role to ensure that you are the best fit for the role and also that the role is the best fit for you. You will be expected to have done some more research on Samworth Brothers and the role that you have applied for by this point.

During the 30 minute call, we will also ask you a couple of competency questions, so to ensure that you are prepared for these it may be an idea to think about a few different situations that you can refer to in which you have displayed various competencies.

What is the Discovery Day Assessment Centre?

The Discovery Day Assessment Centre is a half day assessment centre held at Discovery Graduates’ offices in Birmingham City Centre. It is an essential part of the process in which you will be assessed on various different competencies throughout the afternoon.

Following the Discovery Day, you will receive individual written feedback from the day, which should help you to reflect on what you did well and areas of development that you can work on for the next assessment centre.

Do you cover travel expenses for the Assessment Centres?

We reimburse travel expenses at the final stage assessment centre only. Expenses are administered after the assessment day so ensure you keep hold of any receipts or tickets.

Can I choose where my two six-month placements are going to be?

No – but we carefully consider all the placements to ensure that you will get the best development opportunities. Flexibility is required as you may need to move location after each placement.

Do you accept applications from non-UK residents?


Will there be opportunities for a permanent role after I have graduated?

Yes. You can either apply for our graduate scheme (links to graduate page), or apply for a direct-entry graduate position with us.

How many Industrial Placement places are there?

It depends each year but typically as many as 25, across our Group.