Sausages &Cooked Meats

Our passion for innovation shines through in the exciting recipes and flavours of our delicious sausages, premium cooked meats and tasty pâtés.

Walkers Sausage Co is one of the largest producer of premium sausage in the country.

Using fresh British pork, a blend of seasonings and other fresh quality ingredients, our sausages have consistently won national awards for quality and recipe innovation. Our latest range is MOR, a delicious lower-fat sausage that blends high-quality British meat with nutritious vegetables, fragrant herbs and delicate spices.

Walkers Sausage Co’s sister company, Walkers Deli, cures, cooks and slices premium hams made from whole British pork legs. It also produces a wide range of pâtés, from everyday favourites such as Brussels pâté, to award-winning seasonal lines, such as Drunken Duck Parfait for Christmas.

The Dickinson & Morris Sausage Shop in Melton Mowbray allows us to develop recipes to sell direct to the consumer, ensuring that we never lose touch with our customers’ needs.

Sausages & Cooked Meats