Our Purpose

We do GOOD things with GREAT food. As a business we seek to be a long-term force for good. Our vision is to be the best food company in the UK. We make profit so that we can reinvest in the future of the business and make a positive difference for our people, our communities, and all of our stakeholders.

For Our People

We welcome new colleagues into our family with open arms. By operating a successful business, we provide opportunities for all of our people to grow, improve their prospects and achieve their full potential.

For Our Customers

We understand our consumers and strive to deliver growth for our customers. We’re a responsible, trustworthy partner committed to producing quality foods and innovative solutions. We hold ourselves to the highest technical and customer service standards.

With Our Suppliers

We lead our partners to source ingredients ethically and to do business responsibly. We work with them to develop innovations and deliver fair value.

For Our Communities

By creating jobs and opportunities and supporting local programmes through community work and volunteering, we help our local communities thrive.

For Our Consumers

We’ve been passionate about quality for four generations. We take pride in making great food and always look for new ideas and better recipes.

For Our Planet

To minimise our impact on the environment, we’re taking action on the things that are important to protect our planet for generations to come.