Training and Development

We believe that only those companies with real learning cultures can adapt and prosper in an age of fast and constant change.

All of our businesses develop bespoke courses that suit the needs of their people. They have won National Training Awards and other accolades for their development programmes, and we work closely with local Colleges and Universities to deliver leading edge training for all our staff. In partnership with Loughborough College, Kettleby Foods developed a Full Honours Degree in Food Manufacturing Management.

Samworth Brothers has developed its own Industrial Placement scheme which is designed to progress driven graduates into Senior Management positions. For more information please visit our Industrial Placements page.

The Samworth Academy

The Samworth Academy is there to help our businesses share our passion for learning with all their staff. It allows all staff to have easy access to free learning courses ranging from cookery and foreign languages to Advanced Food Hygiene and production management.

Most businesses have an Academy Room, and our Managing Directors are responsible for driving the Academy forward in their business.

  • The Samworth Academy has four aims, to:
  • Promote and develop the culture and ethos of the business
  • Monitor our cultural performance
  • Encourage shared learning
  • Support a learning culture within Samworth Brothers

A key part of the Academy’s work is to facilitate workshops across the business where staff spend half a day learning about the history, culture and aspirations of the business.

Training & Development