Wojciech: Apprentice

When did you join Samworth Brothers ?

I joined Bradgate Bakery in 2014 as an apprentice. After completion in February 2016 I was offered a permanent role at Bradgate Bakery. I am loving every minute of it!

Why did you choose Samworth Brothers?

I knew that Samworth Brothers was a highly successful business within Leicestershire. After researching the company in more detail, I was pleasantly surprised by how large the company was, with 19 successful businesses. The potential opportunities I could have were endless and an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

When I came for my interview with Bradgate Bakery I really liked the warm environment, very friendly people, and I found the company very interesting especially after I toured the bakery. I could see myself fitting in greatly with their business culture and ethos.

In 2016 I won the ‘Young Talent of the Year Award’ at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards. It was very overwhelming; I didn’t expect to win as it looked like serious competition. Coming back into work the reception was amazing, everyone congratulating me, shaking my hand and hugging me. It makes me feel very proud to be part of the Bradgate Team.”

What career progression opportunities do you have?

I would like to learn all aspects of being a team leader, then eventually become manager within a production area.

After successfully completing my apprenticeship and joining Bradgate Bakery permanently I have progressed within lots of different roles, gaining a whole wealth of knowledge and experience. Just recently I joined the Technical Audit team, which now involves me in continuous improvement work.

Samworth Brothers certainly supports all career progression opportunities. I never thought I would get into technical auditing and continuous improvement, but on the job learning and gaining new skills has given me the opportunity to do more.

I know that, with the support of my colleagues and managers, I can progress further in the organisation.

What do you enjoy about your role?

What I enjoy about working for Samworth Brothers is the new opportunities and challenges you face every day and liaising with lots of different people on a daily basis.

My current role in continuous improvement is very rewarding, to be able to make recommendations and influence the makeup of product, processes and governance is something I am really proud to be a part of. What’s more is when I see the product on the shelf there is a sense of “I helped get this product here.” It’s a good feeling, especially when I tell my friends and family.

Wojciech: Apprentice