Industrial Placement student

Location: Cornwall

“I began the Industrial Placement scheme shortly after I’d finished my second year of my Business and Management degree at the University of Plymouth. My first six month placement was within the planning department at Tamar Foods in Cornwall.

This role primarily involved helping the team in the lead-up to Christmas. The responsibilities I was given here included collecting and analysing data from the factory. I then built various tables and graphs to present this data back to the heads of the departments.

For my second placement scheme, I moved to Kensey Foods and joined the finance team. I have been helping to streamline the financial information system.

The IP scheme is really helping me to gain an insight into the workplace. It isn’t like some internships where you are just expected to pick up jobs that other people don’t particularly want to do. I work alongside members of my team and am given independent projects that really benefit the team. In fact, the IP students are given a huge responsibility and our input actually matters.

Another thing I value is that the company makes it easy for us to interact with senior people within the business. They are always willing to talk to us and listen to things we have to say. They also offer us a lot of advice.
If the company would like me back once I’ve completed my degree, I would have no hesitation in returning.”

Jesse Sandhu