Industrial Placement student

Location: Leicester

“I’m studying Business and Financial Management at Sheffield Hallam University. My first six-month placement was working for Walkers Sausage, initially in accounts and then I moved across to stock control where I led a team of three. We undertook the stock control for a new product range so my team was responsible for getting products to the line in order to make the production possible.

In January, I moved across to a Group IT role. I am working on a project where I liaise with all the businesses in the Group to collate a database of all the live IT services that are currently in place, as well as additional services that are intended to be in place in the future.

What I enjoy about this 12-month scheme is we are given responsibility for undertaking projects by ourselves. For example, in the accounts department, I had a project on utilities to complete. I was given help and guidance for this but was allowed to do it my own way.

There are 25 Industrial Placement students at Samworth Brothers and we meet three times a year as a group for training sessions. I’ve also received health & safety and hygiene training because I was working in a factory environment.

My time here has helped me decide what I want to do when I finish University. Because I’ve worked in several different departments and had a number of roles, it’s shown me what I really enjoy doing. If the opportunity arose, I would love to come back after graduating in a junior accounting role and train to become an accountant.I’m thoroughly enjoying my year at Samworth Brothers – everyone is so welcoming and friendly and I’m gaining lots of useful practical experience.”